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The Rubens

Music / Indie, Pop / Australia

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The Australian music scene has increasingly proven a treasure trove for straightforward, yet exciting indie. Among the many great bands that have set out from Down Under to conquer the world in recent years, The Rubens are certainly one of the standout acts. Their dynamic songwriting leaves no room for even a sliver of boredom. The alternative rockers from Menangle, New South Wales, offer immense melodic and rhythmic variation while staying true to their signature style.

They shift from introspective and moody to infectiously euphoric to confident and cool. The Rubens are masters at pouring their vocals, instruments, and effects into rich productions. The end result is a distinctive rock sound that knows what it's capable of—and makes the most out of that. With many successful shows under their belt, the five will undoubtedly make a lasting impression in September.

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