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Thomas Azier

Music / Indie / Netherlands

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Without frills but with an untameable passion for his music, Thomas Azier has over the last 15 years and in a fairly linear manner developed a career as an artist who can do it all. After studying at the Academie voor Popcultuur in Leeuwarden, the then-19-year-old moves to Berlin to gather experience in working as a producer and songwriter. Besides a mattress, his room is furnished merely with a piano to allow him to really focus on creating music. Even before his debut album is released on Mercury Records in 2014, he’s collaborating with Stromae and Casper. It’s the cool urban synthpop of his single “Red Eyes” that’ll ultimately lead him to his breakthrough, however, helped by the fact that Yves Saint Laurent picked the song as the stylistic accompaniment for a perfume ad. After that, Azier is unstoppable: the dutchman starts releasing albums in an almost yearly rhythm, incorporating influences from synthpop to jazz to classic to rock and makes a name for himself in Berlin and Paris. Today, he’s known all across Europe while his works are regarded as immaculately arranged hidden gems. So too, his latest releases, namely the album “Love, Disorderly” (2020) and the EP “A Collection Of Broken Ideas” (2021), would be well deserving of an award for their valuable contribution to the art.

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