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Thorsteinn Einarsson

Music / Pop / Reykjavík, Salzburg, Austria, Iceland

Thorsteinn Einarsson had his big break on the Austrian talent show Die große Chance in 2014. After finishing as the third runner-up, his song "Leya" went on to place in Austria's national charts. It all went quickly after that: He won awards; his debut album 1; made the top ten; his songs were streamed millions of times while he played big festivals.

With a fan base that just won't stop growing, Thorsteinn Einarsson's shows are regularly sold out. His second album INGI is out this year and promises to add exciting new facets to the Austrian-Icelandic songwriter's live repertoire. At the Reeperbahn Festival, he will undoubtedly prove he's long outgrown his show contestant image.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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