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What their fans take from their music, what their music actually means and what feeds it has all been subject to some variation during Thumper’s history. No wonder, really, given that the band originated as a solo project by front man Oisin Leahy Furlong, has undergone umpteen changes in its line-up, and the fact that all six current members of the band contribute their own influences to the Thumper sound – not least the two drummers that the band allows itself. On this year’s album debut “Delusions Of Grandeur”, this is clear in every song, as elements of post-punk and noise pop, psychedelic guitars and rockabilly vibes intertwine perfectly. Thumper have found their own unique style, able to play with a lot of rawness but also with a catchiness while always sounding adventurous and wild. Especially when they’re on stage, the band’s passion unleashes with full power: “The feeling of a live show in a packed room is pretty transcendent, it’s addictive, and we wouldn’t want to do anything else,” Furlong remarks. You get that in every note they play.

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