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Tom Odell

Music / Indie, Singer-Songwriter / United Kingdom

Bowie, Buckley, Cohen, Dylan, Waits - inspired by the greats of music history, Tom Odell can now count himself among them. Starting with his worldwide debut single success, “Another Love” (2012), which went gold and platinum, the career of this young and versatile singer-songwriter has gone non-stop uphill over the last decade. The first album, “Long Way Down” (2013), hung around in all the European charts for weeks on end, the follow-up “Wrong Crowd” (2016) did the same and nevertheless demonstrated that the ambitious blond guy here is always interested in moving forward. The latest work “Monsters” (2021) is also dedicated to this constant evolving: More interested in beats and dark electro pop productions, Odell draws new ideas from the R&B of a Drake with similar skill to that from the trap music of a Travis Scott or the dark lyrics of XXXTentacion. The fact that he still maintains his own piano pop style is proof of his authenticity as well as of a talent that knows how to change without tensing up too much.

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