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Tom Walker

Music / Pop, Singer-Songwriter / United Kingdom

From an early age, Tom Walker musically orientated himself towards the greats: Paolo Nutini, Muddy Waters or Ray Charles were his idols. And because their use of piano, guitar and vocals helped them develop new forms of expression, even rethink entire genres, Walker quickly taught himself how to play a number of instruments. His formal training at the London College of Contemporary Music was basically pre-determined – which he of course completed successfully. The singer, poet and multi-instrumentalist has since been at the top of the charts repeatedly with singles like “Leave a Light On” (2017) or “Wait for You” (2020) and has continuously been collecting gold and platinum awards – regardless of whether it’s the UK, Austria or Germany. So too, his debut album “What a Time to Be Alive” (2019) is quickly turning out to be an immense success, which the likable Scott himself probably never even dreamed of. He’ll be coming out to Germany this year with familiar and new material.

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