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Tomma Intet

Music / Pop / Sweden

Presented by: Westside Music Sweden

A different kind of doomsday mood: Tomma Intet is Swedish for “empty nothingness”, a poignant summary of the band’s concept. If you have ever left behind your solid ground and familiar surroundings to throw yourself into the unknown, then you’ve experienced exactly what the collective of musicians tried to translate into sound on their debut album ...And the Fallen Universe. Halfway between the hypnotic pop of the sixties and the new wave of the early eighties, inspired by the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, but also by Broder Daniel and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Tomma Intet conjure up gloomy sound walls of an overwhelming intensity. Songs of the caliber of “Through the Circle of a Rope” and “I Leave” showcase this brilliantly. From the cool grandeur of Scandinavian nature comes a group of passionate rock musicians who forge their outlook on the world into a dark and beautiful soundtrack for uncertain times.

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