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Transform | Inclusive Space Lab

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Digital media have long been more than just resources for information and communication. They shape our entire way of producing and thinking, yet also enable new formations of collective interaction, freed from the limitations of spatiality. TRANSFORM – the inclusive space laboratory of EUCREA – takes on this meta-development in an artistic form. It considers itself a forum for inclusive digital art, where visual artists make selective use of hardware and software in order to generate new trends. Dancers and musicians with and without disabilities impressively expand their physical and artistic ways of expression by means of digital technology.

The result is genres such as music, dance and theatre starting to blur together through the use of digital media, while new forms and languages emerge. TRANSFORM seizes the opportunity to rethink physicality and space in the world of the web: with films, contributions and interviews by national and international tech artists.

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  • Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media


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