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Music / Global / Paris, France, Congo (Brazzaville)

Their racing rhythms never fail to stir up listeners, no matter which of Tshegue's songs is booming from the speakers. The duo, hailing from Congo but now based in Paris, had its debut with the 2017 EP Survivor. It contained a unique interpretation of energetic Afro-punk, with breakneck drum patterns by Nicolas Dacunhas (a.k.a. Dakou), that was unlike anything ever heard before—at least in Europe. The Tshegue sound unleashes pulsating vibes between party and ritual, between sweat-drenched ecstasy and an exuberance bordering on the erotic.

Always in time: singer Faty Sy Savanet, whose delivery is exalted one moment and utterly calm and collected the next. And Tshegue know that her style sounds utterly singular. It's this unshakeable confidence that reverberates through every break and every staccato, that dances along the fault lines between cultural consciousness and innovation. And it's what ensures that listeners don't stay listeners for long, but become revelers instead.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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