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Music / Electronic/DJ, Indie / Norway, Iceland

They’re called Farao and Special K, they’re from Norway and Iceland respectively and have found a way to celebrate their own 80s revival without ever sounding like an imitation – a fate that befalls many who undertake this endeavour. Ultraflex are different from the rest. They’ve mastered the art of portioning perfectly. We’re not talking about substances (thought that too maybe), but about influences and style updates through which they’ve formed the incredibly densely produced tracks of their album “Visions of Ultraflex” (2020) into glaring facets of their vision. A lot of things could’ve gone wrong here. But no. Italo-disco makes out with new age nuances, synthpop with chillwave and lascivious vocals with physically pulsating drum machines that radiate an irresistible analog grace. The results can be heard on their upcoming album “Infinite Wellness” and are danceable, slickly produced and a treat for mind, body and soul.

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