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Music / Hip-Hop/Rap / Vienna, Austria

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Just doing what she feels like doing - this sums up what Verifiziert, which translates as “Verified” in English, has done since she first came onto the Austrian music scene with a bang in 2019 with her ode to her “Golf 4”. The spontaneity of tracks like “Stromausfall” or “Lady Boba” is one of her signature trademarks. Contemporary r'n'b and cloud rap, beats ranging between reggaeton and lo-fi house also make her indulgent feel-good vibe a stylistic treat, already immortalised last year on her much-acclaimed début “40100”. Hazy and romantic, but somehow also tinged with a melancholy like that feeling of 5pm on Sunday evenings, influences from acts like Haiyti or early Yung Hurn are clearly audible. But the lady with the enchanting deadpan vocals has other ideas way beyond just her car ditty when it comes to setting the Viennese spirit to music, a spirit that often enough embodies a world-weariness mixed with light-heartedness. Cloud pop, as she blithely calls it. And in this case, we can say: we verify that.

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