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Virginia And The Flood

Music Indie, Folk Sweden

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The ghost of long-faded country sounds, the ineffable vastness of Nordic folk, and an elven voice in mystical polyphony: Virginia and the Flood is the musical creation of Cornelia Adamsson, who is currently working on her debut Aqua Duck Down in picturesque Gothenburg in southern Sweden. And she's getting ready to become one of her country's most exciting and celebrated singer-songwriters.

None of this is megalomania, though. Her single "You Will Never Know A River," released early this year, proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Harmonically pleasing songs with sparse instrumentation are the Swede's specialty. Instead of delivering misplaced pathos, she reveals real facets of her personality. After all, the young artist has made her share of experiences, taken away a few scars, but also discovered her strengths. Many of them—growing, overcoming, leaving the past behind—are now apparent in her music.

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