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Music / Punk / Glasgow, United Kingdom

Live shows serve as a kind of emotional release, Conor Goldie once said in an interview. With this statement, VLURE’s guitarist describes not only his own experiences but also that of his fans when the band performs songs like "Show Me How to Live Again" or "I Won't Run (From Love)" live on stage. Like most bands, the lockdowns have taken their toll on VLURE as well, but the five-piece from Glasgow has used the time to apply the finishing touches to their very own post punk revival – with great success. As sharp as obsidian, the results that can be heard on their debut EP "Euphoria" portray a band that draws inspiration from Echo & The Bunnymen as well as from 90s techno or industrial but manages to create something entirely novel from these influences. Lustfully wasteful but with an amazing sense for epic riffs, VLURE are an absolute force on stage, crying out for real change in this stagnant era.

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