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Throughout his childhood, Wayne Snow listened to the whole canon of African and African-American music legends. From Fela Kuti and Marvin Gaye to King Sunny Ade, Sade and contemporary Afrofuturism, the singer and producer draws on everything his cultural heritage offers. Naturally, his own music is influenced by these sources of inspiration and has forged its own niche somewhere between neo-soul, jazz, electronica and alternative pop designs. But the Nigerian’s goal is bigger: he wants to expand, realise new ideas, gamble really big. With his second album “Figurine” (2021), he’s already succeeding in doing this, right across the board. Showing great finesse for timbre and rhythm, for the deliberate use of effects, vocals and instruments, Snow has established himself as a genuine soul reformer. And he’s made the impossible possible: using the rich-sounding ideas from his childhood to create something that is entirely his own. Snow Soul, perhaps? Well, whatever, but one thing’s for sure - this music is pure sex.

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