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We Were Promised Jetpacks

Music / Rock, Indie / Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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"It's rainy and miserable in Scotland and there are lots of angry people. In a way, that’s a big part of why our music sounds the way it does," says singer Adam John Thompson of his band We Were Promised Jetpacks—a name that sounds like the indignant statement of betrayed voters. Which is only fitting for a band with albums such as In the Pit of the Stomach and The More I Sleep the Less I Dream; besides cool introspection and melancholy, the records are permeated by a sense of disappointment.

The combination of indie, pop, and post-punk could easily veer into the overly dramatic or cheesy, but the band pulls off an effortlessly balanced sound. The equilibrium in their songs becomes most apparent—and liberating—when rays of hope are allowed to shine through the Scottish rain. We're excited to witness the four-piece change the weather on our stage.

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