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W.H. Lung

Music Rock, Indie Manchester, United Kingdom

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Is it even possible to combine the simple with the experimental? Well, sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. That's the relaxed answer W. H. Lung would probably give. Their debut album Incidental Music does sound like there is a certain amount of randomness in their approach. The Manchester trio plays ultra-melodic neo-psychedelia, with one foot in space rock and the other in synth-pop—which, surprisingly, doesn't force them to do splits.

Cosmic effects ooze through the songwriting just like they do on the album cover, bolstering and polishing guitars, bass, and drums. Rhythmic reminiscences of post-punk, new wave, and krautrock are everywhere and make the band instantly lovable, as though you're listening to an old friend you hadn't seen in ages. At the same time, W. H. Lung stay fresh and exciting, not least thanks to the countless ideas they manage to fit into just the right places, be it in long tracks such as the ten-minute "Simpatico People" or shorter numbers along the lines of "Want." Incidentally, all this guarantees an ecstatic listening experience.

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