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Will Varley

Music Singer-Songwriter, Folk United Kingdom

Presented by: Xtra Mile Recordings

In Great Britain, Will Varley is already on heavy rotation. The folk singer’s latest album “Postcards from Ursa Minor” (Xtra Mile Recordings) was cheered by the press, Varley even plays at institutions like the Royal Albert Hall and one cannot imagine a festival line-up without him. However, his success has not always been a matter of fact. In the early 2000s, the singer songwriter still walked through the streets of the British capital in order to assert himself in the lowest dives – having nothing more than a false I.D. in his pockets and the guitar under his arm.

Six albums later, Will Varley has made his mark with his traditional folk sound all over Europe. His performances are anarchy: the singer teases his audience, slides in comedy improvisations or tries to play two songs at once. Will Varley lives through and for his audience.

Zu meinen Favoriten

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