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Writing the Future | What’s the sonic vibration of contemporary Next.0 literature

Word / Talk / Germany

Presented by: Keychange

What’s the sonic vibration of contemporary Next.0 literature? How is it shaped? And, who are the people writing it, how are they writing it, and just who are they writing it for?

Missy editor Jennifer Beck will quiz debut authors Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, Lisa Krusche and Ronya Othmann about books as spaces of opportunity beyond linear narrative styles. Will fragments replace the novel as the overarching discipline, as fragments relate so much more to our fragmented times, biographies, and identities? Or will the need for structure, for a character with a plan and a backstory to hang it all on, flourish for precisely this reason? Who are the voices, the writing entities of our times and how do they gain access into the traditional literary world? Through writing school, or lateral entry? Is it something they’d actually want, and why? Or would they prefer to remain outside of these structures as writers? The focus is on entry barriers - above all how to overcome them - and on literature that is changing in terms of form and in line with the times.

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