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Music Rock London, United Kingdom

At first listen, the sound of Yak might suggest that the band is trying to start a new garage rock revival. But there's more to Yak—so much more. The Londoners deliver a fuzzy mishmash of punk attitude, indie eclecticism, and psychedelic quirkiness that proves British rock doesn't have to sound smooth and tame. Even if it's recorded at a professional studio and not in a garage.

Some of Yak's contemporaries have taken note as well: Jack White, Steve Mackey of Pulp, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, and Jay Watson of Tame Impala have all worked with the musically eloquent trio in various capacities. On this year's album Pursuit of Momentary Happiness, Yak have summarized their artistic vision in both title and music. Perhaps it could even serve as a summary of what all of rock music is about.


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