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Yasmine Hamdan

Music Singer-Songwriter, Electronic/Live Lebanon

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She’s got the touch of a nomad. Yasmine Hamdan, born 1976 in Beirut, was forced to leave her native Lebanon due to the civil war and grew up in Dubai, Kuwait and Greece. Meanwhile she lives in Paris, but still leading a nomad life, this time at free choice. As an internationally well booked artist she is travelling a lot. The songs of her current opus "Al Jamilat“ were created aboard a plane, in hotel rooms or on the train.

Musically speaking Hamdan also unites different influences within her songs. Western electro beats meet Greek bouzouki tunes, classic Arabian rhythms talk modern trip-hop. In the past the 41 year-old used to sing in English, nowadays only in Arabic, for this is the language in which she can express her feelings best. Yasmine Hamdan sings of relationships, love and rebellion. Her texts often carry a political dimension too. Because of her background it can’t be avoided, she states. The current album was recorded along some musicians of the New York avant-garde like ex-Sonic Youth Steve Shelley.

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