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You Am I

Music / Rock, Indie / Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

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As poster boys of the Australian alternative boom of the nineties, You Am I are living legends far beyond the shores of their home country. No comparable band from Down Under has been able to top their musical and commercial success—there aren't many bands that unite a pop soul with boundless creativity, after all.

While the early, raw sound of You Am I reminded many of garage and grunge, later albums featured more accessible songs with a tangible pop feel. The complex and personal lyrics always play a key role, enriching the varied arrangements on albums such as Hi Fi Way and #4 Record with delightfully unpretentious drama. The band has interpreted styles and moods in ever-changing ways over the years, turning their records as well as their live shows into unpredictable experiences. You Am I are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary this year, and they're bringing the party to Hamburg.

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