Looking for places for delicious breakfasts or the best burger in St. Pauli and the 'Schanze'? This is what we and PRINZ recommend when hunger and thirst are taking over during the Reeperbahn Festival – just ask for the #rbf17-Specials. And as if that weren't enough, three of these locations will host Eatery Sessions presented by Haspa Musikstiftung as a highlight – intimate acoustic concerts by artists from the Reeperbahn Festival line-up. Just snugly!


Here two things are at the top of the list: football and breakfast. Not far from the Millerntor Stadium, this pub/café is the venue to watch first and second league football matches and, above all, it is the right place when it comes to breakfasts rich in electrolytes. Whether you’re looking for vegan, English or classic options, the breakfast menu is incredibly long. During the week, for example, you can have a Swedish breakfast with crispbread, quark, home-made jam and honey (€ 3.40) or the vegan classic with bread rolls, margarine, Wheaty vegan slices, fried tofu, home-made seitan “sausage” and spreads (€ 7.60). At the weekend, there is a buffet with a changing selection of cheeses and cold cuts, various jams, muesli, fresh fruit salad, soy yoghurt, sweet pastries and organic eggs. Vegetarians in particular love this place because the buffet offers a wide range of dips and cold-cut specialities without animal-based ingredients.

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Seitan-sandwich for 4.50 €
  • Eatery Session: Thursday, 21 September, 4 p.m., with Emily-Mae Lewis

Detlev-Bremer-Straße 16, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. 040 315719


“You can sleep when you’re dead!” This is the credo of Kopiba, a small coffee roasting house on the outskirts of the Schulterblatt district. What they are referring to is their Deathpresso, a particularly strong roast which is guaranteed to bring tired festivalgoers back on track. In any case, the small and cosy coffee shop is a great destination for all those who love coffee; their coffee blends are delicious and, above all, roasted in-house. What is more, their cakes, croissants, sandwiches and home-made waffles make it a great place to linger. Those who’d rather have their caffeinated stimulation at home can buy coffee beans to take away. By the way, in the evening the Kopiba turns into a cocktail bar offering a wide variety of drinks.

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: 50% on all Deathpresso drinks (Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or Milkcoffee with the legendary Deathpresso Bean) & 250 g Deathpresso festival edition for 5.00 €
  • Eatery Session: Friday, 22 September, 3 p.m., with Antje Schomaker

Beim Grünen Jäger 24, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. 040 343824


If you love pizza, this is the place for you. The Pizza Bande team also seem to love the topped “flat dough”, which they knead by hand. The result, a thin and crispy pizza base, is delicious! And the small restaurant, which used to be the location of Hamburg’s oldest Chinese restaurant, is correspondingly popular. Pizza toppings come in pre-selected combinations or can be composed individually – including vegan variations. There are thrilling home-made creations such as “Cashews Clay”, with a mascarpone crème fraiche sauce, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and candied cashews, and dessert pizzas to finish off with. On Reeperbahn Festival-Saturday the Pizza Bande is already open at 1 p.m.!

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Pizza with salmon, horseradish and spinach for 9.60 €
  • Eatery Session: Saturday, 23 September, 1 p.m., with lùisa

Lincolnstraße 10, 20359 Hamburg


Yes, it’s true. Somehow, everything here is related to the Elbe river. Craft beer from Germany and the Czech Republic, wines, home-made apple juice, and also cold cuts and cheeses come from the region ranging from Cuxhaven to Prague and beyond − from near the Elbe and its tributaries. Fancy a ham sandwich with gherkins from the Spreewald area? Alles Elbe offers a hearty supper with various cold cuts. And, in spite of their obvious love for sausage products, you will also find home-made vegan spreads. The beer selection changes almost weekly and includes draft as well as bottled beer.

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Vegan supper & Czech craft beer for 12.00 €

Hein-Hoyer-Straße 63, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. 040 28474009

EAST Hotel – Restaurant

Since it was opened in 2004, the East has been among Hamburg’s top restaurants. The hotel restaurant is well known for its Sushi, enjoyed by guests under dizzingly high ceilings. Under the motto “Asia meets Backstein”, the architect Jordan Mozer combined Far Eastern charm with Western industrial history, thus creating a cross cultural entity in the rooms of an ironworks, which burned down in the 19th century. You will be eating at large “family style” tables, sharing meals placed in the middle of the table so that you can taste various dishes. This modern concept is designed to enable lively conversations during meals. But there are also smaller seating arrangements. Apart from Sushi, the East is famous for its barbecue dishes: In an American infrared grill the meat is cooked at 800° C. The high temperature causes the pores to close at once and the meat will keep its juices, forming a perfect crust with a unique taste.

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Different specials each day – ask for #rbf17-specials!

Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 31, 20359 Hamburg


This restaurant is popular among burger aficionados in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Whether you choose the classic with organic beef or a vegetarian or vegan burger made from seitan or a black bean patty, the Grilly Idol offers a wide range of options, including plenty for vegetarians. All the meat variations can be ordered, for example, with vegetarian ingredients instead of a 160g beef patty, including the Blue Cheese Burger with blue cheese cream, fig mustard and candied walnuts (€ 9.50) or the Shiitake Champignon Burger with fresh shiitake and white mushrooms, caramelised onions, crème fraiche and home-made Grilly sauce (€ 8.50). One rich and delicious option is Smukal’s Juicy Lucy: with 300g organic beef stuffed with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, onions, gherkins and home-made Grilly sauce (€ 14.00), it’s a real power pack!

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Cheeseburger menu with fries, coleslaw incl. drink for 16.00€

Clemens-Schultz-Straße 40, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. 040 33452906

Kokomo Noodle Club

The Kokomo is a Ramen restaurant dedicated to Japanese noodles served in a hearty broth. Apart from warm and cold starters, the deliberately small menu offers Ramen dishes in various styles, e.g. Miso (broth with fermented soy beans), Shio (salty meat broth), Shoyu (broth with soy sauce) and Tonkotsu (broth made from pork bones). Of course, the Kokomo also offers meals for vegetarians: for them the noodle dishes are based on a mushroom stock from shiitake and king oyster mushroom. The kitchen uses organic ingredients and dispenses with glutamate.

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Shio Ramen menu incl. drink for 11.00 €

Clemens-Schultz-Straße 41, 20359 Hamburg


Davidwache, St Pauli Museum, Herbertstraße: that is the neighbourhood of this small coffee shop, a fact mirrored in its eclectic audience. The menu is equally diverse and offers really good coffee as well as delicious bagels, muffins and focaccias, including vegetarian and vegan options. The Bagel Special is particularly popular: a bagel with peanut butter, vegan cheese, cucumber, red onions and chilli sauce (€ 3.60). That’s the kind of combination that will get you through the night!

  • Reeperbahn Festival Special: Turkey bagel & latte 0.3l for 5.00 € (vegan with vurkey and soy milk for 6.00 €)

Davidstraße 29, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. 040 28511019

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