Selected Locations

Diversity is a big part of what makes the Reeperbahn Festival so special. Not only are our programmes exceptionally varied, but the venues in which they are held are extraordinarily wide-ranging: churches, music clubs, galleries, record shops, theatres, a Haspa bank branch, and even the St. Pauli Fanshop! 


In the middle of the concrete desert the Reeperbahn Festival will roll out a turf carpet, turning the Heiligengeistfeld into an idyllic village. Day and night, the Festival Village will be an oasis for relaxing, discovering and feasting. Next to the 360° dome, there will be a Fritz stage, the Shared Studio, Container Love, the Bazzookas Bus, a Foo Fighters Rock Pharmacy, the Artist Catering as well as the Ticket Desk at the new festival centre. It will get cosy!

Photo © Christian Wischnewsky


This former cinema dating from 1906, complete with stucco decoration and Art Nouveau details, is located at the back of Docks, just off the Reeperbahn – a concert venue where, at previous Reeperbahn Festivals, Years & Years, MS MR, and Kid Simius performed beneath the chandelier and disco ball.


Come right in: Schmidtchen's Alte Liebe is the brilliant lounge among the Reeperbahn Festival locations. Below a canopy of angel stucco and chandeliers the ground floor of the Club House St. Pauli everything revolves around literature – from book presentations to reading sessions. This is where the written word becomes a spoken pop performance.


Our beloved Molotow! After a short time in exile, Molotow has found a new home not far from Grosse Freiheit. In addition to the club, there’s now also the Karatekeller and the SkyBar with its excellent view of the Reeperbahn. And if you’re looking for an outdoor hangout, Molotow has got what’s probably the nicest backyard in St. Pauli.


The St. Pauli Kirche (= church) was built in 1833 and is the source of the neighbourhood’s name. For us, this venue truly stands out. The unique sound and exceptional atmosphere mean that concerts at the St. Pauli Church quickly become unforgettable experiences.


The Schulmuseum in St. Pauli offers a look at the history of schools in Hamburg – from the Wilhelmine period to the present day. During the Reeperbahn Festival, the lecture hall on the second floor is a place to escape the crowds. Let the imposing high-windowed atmosphere and wonderful festival artists carry you away! A true gem in the middle of the Kiez.


This music club found its home on the fourth floor of the bunker on Feldstrasse by Heiligengeistfeld. An established name in Hamburg’s music scene, Uebel & Gefährlich is the venue where Milky Chance, AnnenMayKantereit, and Boys Noize had their Reeperbahn Festival gigs. With a ballroom, tower room, and roof terrace, it’s a great place to dance the night away.


The Imperial Theater is Germany’s largest theatre for whodunnit plays, presenting a year-round programme of crime-thriller classics by writers ranging from Agatha Christie to the “master” Edgar Wallace. Every year during the Reeperbahn Festival, the theatre interrupts its schedule and fantastic festival acts take the stage.


The ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg is the central Reeperbahn Festival hotel and THE meeting place for conference delegates. The Reeperbahn Festival Lounge, the Delegates Bar, and several session and workshop locations are found in and around the hotel.


Reeperbahn Festival has added a spectacular new venue for 2017: Hamburg’s new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie! Three concerts will take place on festival Saturday in the Elbphilharmonie’s impressive Grand Hall: Daniel Brandt & Eternal Something, Owen Pallett & s t a r g a z e and Dillon. Attendance highly recommended! Attention: In order to give as many festivalgoers as possible the opportunity to attend a concert at the Elbphilharmonie during Reeperbahn Festival 2017, a reservation system has been implemented.
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