Concept: The Umbrella

Our awareness concept is an effort to support people who feel that their boundaries have been violated.

Our sign of recognition is an umbrella. Everything that is part of the awareness concept at the Reeperbahn Festival can be identified by the umbrella symbol.

In the future, the umbrella will not only offer protection against Hamburg’s bad weather, but also against behaviour that violates boundaries. For us, it represents the solidarity and care that we want to offer. We want to open an umbrella that provides protection and support for everyone.

You can see the umbrella for example on posters, banners, above the shelter areas or on the jackets of the Awareness Team.

“Awareness refers to the consciousness of and attention to situations where the boundaries of others are or have been transgressed. All forms of discrimination and (sexualised) violence can play a role in this, but it also involves being sensitive to a person’s well-being.”

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The Awareness Team provides victim protection and support to anyone affected by something to help them feel safer and more comfortable again at the festival.


Wednesday to Saturday
21 - 24 September
14:30 - 02:00

Awareness Team

You can identify the Awareness Team by their denim jackets showing the umbrella symbol and the Awareness lettering. The team is there to provide help to visitors and crew members in situations where someone experiences excessive pressurising, where boundaries are being overstepped or where discrimination is taking place.
The team can be found at the Awareness Points as well as out and about at the Reeperbahn Festival. All members of the team work in the psychosocial field and are trained.
You can come directly to an Awareness Point or approach the admission staff at club entrances.

Principles of the awareness work

The team works in line with the principles of consensus, a focus on the people involved, the power to define, believing someone’s story and confidentiality. Consensual interaction means consent and asking for this explicitly, according to the rule “Only yes means yes!” Being victim-centred means focusing on the needs and demands of the person who appeals to the team. The aim of awareness work is to make the person feel safe again and not to have to leave the location. The power to define means that the person themselves decide about themselves, their body, their history, their gender identity and what has happened. We do not question this and stand by what they say, meaning we consciously do not take a “neutral” or mediating role, but are completely behind the person affected. Sensitive incidents are always treated confidentially and only discussed with third parties after consultation with the people affected.



The Awareness Points serve as places of shelter for people affected by an incident and as a contact point for information about awareness at the Reeperbahn Festival.

There are two Awareness Points, visible on the site map under the umbrella symbol.
The two Awareness Points are located at Spielbudenplatz and Heiligengeistfeld, where the Awareness Team is based. Anyone who has been involved in an incident can come straight these points or be met by the Awareness Team to rest in safety and regain their composure.
The Awareness Points offer seating and somewhere to shelter as well as support and assistance resources. There is also information provided for contact partners in Hamburg who can offer further support.

Saferspaces & contacting staff via the QR codes

You can use the QR codes on display to contact the Awareness Team and get help.


The QR codes provide a link between you and the mobile Awareness Teams.

QR codes are displayed at central areas such as stages, entrances and walkways in the Molotow, Gruenspan, Knust and Uebel & Gefährlich clubs. Anyone affected by incidents or seeking help and support can scan these codes and get in touch with the Awareness Team. Just hold your mobile phone camera in front of the code and a window will open. Each code is linked to a specific location, so the Awareness Team knows where you are and can immediately set off to find you. Also, you can use the chat feature to describe the situation in more detail and, if you want to get away from the location where the code is, you can also share your location. All this is done anonymously and without any request for data.

You can find out more about saferspaces and its work here:  


How it works

This is how the Awareness Team can help you:

  1. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera.
  2. Confirm that you or someone else needs help.
  3. The Awareness Team will come to where you are.


At the info points you can get the Awareness focus flyer and more information about awareness.

You will find the info points right next to the Awareness Points on Spielbudenplatz and Heiligengeistfeld on the site map. Here you can also get information about the Awareness concept or take the Awareness focus flyer with you.


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