Our festival programme (Conference ticket required) has various events on awareness and the related topics of diversity, anti-discrimination work and equality.

How to start: Awareness concept
Change from inside to out
A workshop with Leah-Maria Rott & Sarah Saem Bergmann
Friday, 23 September at 13:00

Allyship & Bystander Intervention
Safer Spaces for Everyone
Talk by Mirco Lotz & Mai Strathmann
Thursday, 22 September at 12:15

Spotlight Clubkultur | Awareness
Thursday, 22 September at 15:30

Vorfahrt für Awareness
Welche Strukturen benötigen wir auf Bundesebene (“Awareness first: What structures do we need at national level”)
Thursday, 22 September at 16:30

Judgement Day
Here’s where we find out if the campaign succeeded (and why it probably didn’t)
Panel debate with Vee*, Fine Stammnitz, Rike van Kleef & Lia Enigk
Thursday, 22 September at 10:00

Best Practices: Diversity in music
Let’s be the Change
Talk by Mirco Lotz
Friday, 23 September 14:00

Diversity Management in the Music Industry


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