What can you do?

To ensure that everyone enjoys the festival experience to the fullest, all visitors, artists and service providers are involved in creating a non-discriminatory environment.

If you see anything that seems strange, use the 5 Ds to help you.

Distract: Distract the person potentially affected, for example by using a pretext to give them the chance to get away from the situation.

Direct: If you feel confident enough, confront the perpetrator directly. Are there any security staff around? Are there other people around who could help you? Ask the perpetrator to stop their offensive behaviour. If necessary, explain to them why their behaviour is not welcome.

Delegate: Hand over responsibility for the situation to someone in charge who has a handset, for example by going straight to the Awareness Team or nearby staff.

Delay: If none of these options are available or you don’t feel comfortable intervening yourself, bide your time and approach the potentially affected person again later, check in with them and offer assistance if needed or refer them to the Awareness Team.

Document: In some cases, it can help to document a situation so that you can pass the details on to someone in charge later. What has taken place? Who was involved? If you witness an actual act of violence, it might be useful to take a photo or video to identify the perpetrator.


If you observe a situation that seems wrong to you or you feel that another person is not feeling well or is in trouble, check how capable you are to intervene or help. If you do not feel able to do so, make sure you tell someone else.

If you decide to intervene, talk directly to the person involved and ask them if they need your help. If they don’t want help, respect that. If they do need your help, ask them what would help them.



Subject: Sexualised violence suffered by women
+49 (0)40 255566
Phone advice & in-person appointments Mondays 09:30-13:00 & 15:00-19:00


Subject: Racism
+40 (0)40 39842647
Individual advice & appointments via email or phone

Transberatung Nord

Subject: Medical advice for people identifying as transgender
01575 4832445
By email or phone by arrangement


Subject: Counselling for trans people in general and in cases involving violence
+49 (0)40 27877803
Phone line and appointment times Wednesdays 16:00-19:00

Basis und Woge

Subject: All forms of discrimination
+49 (0)40 3984260
Mondays to Fridays 09:00-16:00

Deutsche Depresssionshilfe

Subject: Depression and psychological illnesses
0800 3344533
Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays 13:00-17:00
Wednesdays & Fridays 08:30-12:30

Krisen & Selbsthilfegruppen

Subject: Drugs, addicition, psychological crises


Subject: Drug-related emergencies
Addiction and drugs hotline 24h 030 19237

Telefonseelsorge (Samaritan phone service)

Available 24 hours a day: 0800 111 0 111



Many thanks to so many initiatives for their ongoing work on awareness, debate and exchange, which inspired us and also paved the way for us to create an awareness concept.

These include:

Awareness Akademie https://awareness-akademie.de
Clubcommission http://www.clubcommission.de
Clubkombinat https://clubkombinat.de
Safe The Dance https://safethedance.de
Lunatic https://lunatic-festival.de/about-us/awareness/
Fluid Festival ​​https://fluidfestival.de/#awareness
Initiative Awareness: https://www.initiative-awareness.de
Vivid: https://vivid-hamburg.de


If you want to get more details on this topic, we recommend:

Glossary of terms https://i-paed-berlin.de/glossar
Dictionary and training courses at Diversity Arts Culture https://diversity-arts-culture.berlin/diversity-arts-culture/woerterbuch
Initiative Awareness brochure https://www.initiative-awareness.de/informieren/ressourcen


More information on consent



Antisexist Awareness by Ann Wiesenthal



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