Our Vision

The Reeperbahn Festival is meant to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and safe.

In order make this a reality, we have this year, for the first time, created an awareness concept in collaboration with Act Aware e.V.. To create awareness for subjects like discrimination and crossing boundaries and to contribute to lasting change in the music business, the Reeperbahn Festival has Awareness Guidelines, Awareness Teams and Awareness Points in place. The QR codes providing direct access to Saferspaces are on posters throughout the festival premises.

We believe that considering others is only possible when everyone shares responsibility. We face the challenge of integrating a wide variety of venues and participants in our festival concept. We meet this challenge by reinforcing the knowledge of all team members about awareness, by offering various options within our programme for interaction with professional visitors from the music industry and by creating a support programme with trained awareness teams.

We know that awareness is a process in which we have to challenge, learn and unlearn things together. Experts will be guiding us through this transition. 2022 marks the start for us: we want to create and promote structures that are free of discrimination and transgressions.

Your feedback is extremely valuable in this process. We are therefore always happy to receive feedback. If you have any comments or questions about the concept, please contact us via our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or via contact@reeperbahnfestival.com.



In addition to two awareness points and teams in the Festival Village and on Spielbudenplatz at the Reeperbahn Festival, several clubs also have their own support offer this year.

Some of the clubs acting as venues for us this year decided to actively support the awareness concept we have launched.

Molotow and Grünspan have conducted training that enables their internal crew to offer awareness work. For the duration of the festival, Knust and Uebel & Gefährlich will have an awareness team on site who you can contact.

These clubs will be working with QR codes for Saferspaces. The codes will be hanging in toilets, walkways, doorways or bars. Visitors can also scan these to get help from the on-site Awareness Team or people in charge and to use the shelter areas. Additionally, you can get in touch with the teams by going directly to one of the service points or speaking to the admission staff at the entrance of the clubs.

We are delighted to be able to provide an all-round possibility and to be launching a pilot project this year that twins awareness in clubs with awareness at the festival through dialogue and cooperation. Our goal is to get more clubs on board in the coming years to make awareness a universal theme and to get support concepts in place more widely.


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