Focus Country


With their 16 million inhabitants, the Netherlands are not really one of the largest European countries. However, this has not prevented the country from setting up a vibrant, pulsating cultural scene based on numerous talents and big festivals (Lowlands, Pinkpop) as well as a robust funding structure.

For some time now, it has become impossible for discos to do without Dutch dance music. However, in recent years the Rock and Indie scene has gained international resonance; Blaudzun, Bombay or De Staat are much in demand and can be found in almost every festival line-up.

As guests from our focus country, Dutch Impact, Buma Cultuur and Performing Arts NL will present the Dutch music scene at concerts, in the arts programme, at sessions and networking events of the eleventh Reeperbahn Festival. They all will be staged with the friendly assistance of the Dutch embassy in Germany.


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