Empowering Women In Music

The International Womens Day Keychange Sessions

On 8 March, Keychange is hosting a digital conference with several sessions on the occasion of International Women's Day, focusing on the current state of affairs in terms of gender equality within the European cultural and media landscape under the hashtag #choosetochallenge.

The event will be held in English. Participation is possible via Facebook live stream or via the digital conference platform.

15:15 – 15:30 Uhr

Welcoming & Opening Words

Meet our charming host Sara Kelly-Husain who will guide you through the day. Keychange Project Lead Merle Bremer and Reeperbahn Festival CEO Alexander Schulz will present what you can expect from the session program and elaborate on Keychange activities and current developments. EBU Media Director Jean Philip De Tender stresses the importance of actions on and beyond International Women’s Day.

- Sara Kelly-Husain (Host)
- Alexander Schulz (CEO Reeperbahn Festival & Keychange Co-Initiator)
- Merle Bremer (Project Lead Keychange)
- Jean Philip De Tender (Director Media EBU)

15:30 – 16:30

Panel: Addressing the gender gap in music radio”

Public service, radio and music… Often referred to as a “marriage made in heaven”, this “special relationship” is still true today as music programming on public service media (PSM) remains diverse and inclusive. However, there is always room for improvement. Gender disparity on-air is a situation that needs be addressed. Indeed, women artists and musicians are under-represented on most radio stations.
This online panel will echo the 2021 International Women’s Day’s special #choosetochallenge theme. How are radio music public channels challenging themselves to help forge a gender-equal radio music world? How are they celebrating the work of creative women and engaging with audiences on this topic? The panel will discuss sustainable initiatives and policies, but there will also be an opportunity for women musicians actively involved in the media world to weigh in on this and other crucial issues.

- Sara Mohr-Pietsch (Moderation)
- Peaches (Artist & Keychange Ambassador)
- Francis Gay (Head of Music WDR Cosmo)
- Stine Danving (Editor & Presenter, P8 Jazz, DR)
- Rebecca Tong (Conductor)

16:35 – 17:05

“Choose to challenge” – Interview with Keychange Ambassador Kate Nash

Kate Nash is a multi-instrumental recording artist from London. With a platinum selling album and a BRIT Award tucked firmly under her belt, Kate is known across both the music and fashion industries as a forthright songwriter, unabashed feminist and front row style icon. Host Sara Kelly-Husain is talking with Kate Nash about the international women’s day 2021 theme #choostetochallenge. What does it mean from an artist perspective to call out bias, question stereotypes and help forge an inclusive world?

17:10 – 17:55

Panel: Music & Gender Initiatives

The panel "Music & Gender Initiatives" will feature four representatives of EU-funded initiatives working to increase the representation of women and gender minorities in music.

The Austrian musicologist and editor Irene Suchy leads the project "MusicaFemina - women made music", which aims to raise awareness for gender balance in the music scene, highlight and strengthen the creativity of female composers and to support the transnational mobility of female artists. With her in the discussion group is Laureen Kornemann from the "Verband Unabhängiger Musikunternehmen e.V", which is a partner of the "MEWEM EUROPE" project. This European-level mentoring programme aims to promote management skills among young female professionals in the music industry. Tia Korpe will also share her experience as founder and CEO of "Future Female Sounds", a global platform focused on supporting female and gender minority DJs". The fourth speaker, Marie Fol, is one of the Keychange initiative project managers, which works on different levels to promote gender equality in the music industry. She brings her experience as a consultant for international mobility of arts and culture professionals. Moderator Julia Gudzent with her years of expertise in the music industry will direct the conversation with her deep interest in the topics of diversity and empowerment.

- Julia Gudzent (Moderation)
- Irene Suchy ( / Project MusicaFemina)
- Laureen Kornemann (German Association of Independent Musicians and Music Companies)
- Marie Fol (Keychange)
- Tia Korpe (Future Female Sounds)

18:00 – 18:30

Q&A on the ABC of Creative Europe Support
With Fiona Deuss-Frandi (EACEA Project Advisor)
Marie Fol (Project Manager Keychange, freelance advisor on international mobility of artists)

Interactive live Q&A with Fiona Deuss-Frandi and Marie Fol on Creative Europe Funding.

Fiona works in the Culture unit managing the Creative Europe programme and is call coordinator of Cooperation projects. Fiona is as well project adviser of music project funded under the Creative Europe programme such as Keychange, ETEP, SHAPE, INES, LIVEUROPE, We are Europe, Europavox, HEMI, and JUMP.

Marie Fol is a freelance advisor on international mobility of artists, with a focus on the European Union. She serves as President of the board of On the Move, international cultural mobility information network. Additionally, Fol is one of the project managers of Keychange, promoting gender equality in the music industry.  This is a great opportunity to directly ask an expert on the Creative Europe Programme. From A like application, over B like Brexit, to C like Commission. Hosted by Sara Kelly-Husain.


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