Empowering Women In Music

Programme 2021

Reeperbahn Festival

Alice Phoebe Lou (Keychange Ambassador)

Showcases: Keychange Talents

The Hanged Man



Pillow Queens

Maarja Nuut

All Female Rap Evening

Die P


Rote Mütze Raphi


Reeperbahn Festival Opening

Live Acts Joy Denalane, Griff and others


Arts Programme

Word Programme: Lea Kaib aka Liberiarium | Love with Pride

Word Programme in Koop mt Missy Magazine: Surviving Comics | Einzelkämpfer*innen oder Popkollektive

Word Programme in Koop mit Missy Mafazine: Zukunft schreiben | Wie klingt die Gegenwartsliteratur Next.0?

Word Programme: Priya Basil | Im Wir und Jetzt – Feministin werden

Arts Programme: Kollektiva | Follow me freely


Reeperbahn Festival Conference

Andreea Gleeson (Keychange Ambassador): The Creative Gender Balance

Panels of Keychange Talents:

Katrina Lopes: Female Music Management

Sarah El-Minawy: Interview, Center Stage


Gender Equality Hub

Level the playing field for women and gender minorities in the music industry by providing resources, education and mentorship at Reeperbahn Festival. To provide the tools they need to start, build and grow their careers and ultimately help increase representation and participation in the music industry. There will be 3 key components:

- 1-on-1 mentorship sessions
- Small group workshops on topics such as music production, release planning, promotion, touring to name a few.
- Networking opportunities

Gender Diversity in the Music Industry: Press Conference to Present the Study Results


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