Empowering Women In Music

Keychange Day on Thursday, September 20 at Festival Village / Spiegelzelt
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► 12:15 pm  Writing as a form of self-empowerment & taking up space // Workshop with Missy Magazin 
► 2:30 pm  Diversity in the Arts and Pop Culture // Talk with Yeşim Duman
► 3:30 pm  Interview with two initiators // Keynote with  Susanne Hollmann (European Commission), Vanessa Reed (PRS) & Alex Schulz (RBF)
► 4:00 pm  Women in music - Next Steps // Panel with Linda Perry, Tony Visconti and more
► 5:00 pm  Keychange Reception and Award
► 6:00 pm  Keychange Act Chagall // Concert
► 7:30 pm  Keychange Party mit Ebow // Party


On top: Away from the Keychange Day, further events on the same topic will take place during Reeperbahn Festival.
Overview of all Keychange programmes. 

►► Highlights
Linda Perry and Tony Visconti will broach the issue of the status quo, the need for improvement and targets for the future cooperation of women and men in the music business of the present and the near future.The Abaton cinema will show the German premieres of the documentaries "Here To Be Heard – The Story Of The Slits" and "Bad Reputation", while on Friday an "Inspirational Journey To Eeden" will be waiting for you. Keychange concerts:  Pale HoneyMilkywhaleBALAHoaxChagall!

What is the Keychange Day?

The entire music industry would benefit from balanced gender relations. In order to give weight to this statement and to force targeted changes, the Reeperbahn Festival launched Keychange with international partners in 2017. Since then, more than 100 international music festivals & conferences have decided to fight for balanced line-ups and a 50:50 balance until 2022. The idea moves festival makers worldwide. Now it’s time to step forward and ask whether this should not also apply to the structures of the companies. 

► What is needed to change the workforce in more balanced proportions? 
► What needs to be done to shape the future music industries? 
The Reeperbahn Festival 2018 is dedicated to questions of gender equality with various activities. Both the participants of the programme as well as representatives of the music industry and culture are striving for new insights. Panels, workshops, discussions and much more are all about bringing sustainable and long-term change.


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