Reeperbahn Festival International

Alexander Dommisch

Company: Waterfall Records

Alexander Dommisch is the founder of Waterfall Records where he offers label services and publishing administration in Germany for artists that he likes. He is also an active musician with acts like Joel Sarakula, The Everettes and The Jooles. At A2IM, he’s looking to expand his international network for future collaborations and to get more insights into the American indie market.

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Alexander Schulz

Company: Reeperbahn Festival GbR

Alexander Schulz is Founder and CEO at Reeperbahn Festival

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Alexander Warnke

Company: PRO Agency GmbH

PRO Agency is one of the leading agencies in the international exploitation of music rights.PRO is mainly focused on the collection of Neighboring Rights for labels, performing artists, actors and creative producers and is looking for new contacts in the US market. PRO Agency offers the collection of Neighboring Rights for labels, performing artists, actors and creative producers worldwide.

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Amande Dagod

Company: Puschen

Amande Dagod is an artist manager for German garage pop band GURR as well as the German psychedelic pop band Fenster. She’s also working as European booking agent and German promoter for international bands for Berlin-based company PUSCHEN. She’ll be looking for label partners and artists from the US.
Amande represents the band GURR which will perform at the Reeperbahn Festival showcase @ A2IM.

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Andrew Campbell

Company: Steam Music Management, Publishing & Creative Services

Steam Music Management, Publishing & Creative Services is a innovated, very active and creative music management, sync, consulting & publishing company, experienced for more than 25 years in the world of music.
Steam is working globally and match all kind of different activities around the artists, composers and labels they are working with, no matter if they promote-, pitch- or consult in different fields of the music business, seek for new partners like labels or agents, distribute music, A&R music and catalogs or simply manage the exploitation, licensing, synchronization of works and help to establish great music through their international network!
If needed, they also can release music through our label service Optical Records, together with our partners Kontor New Media and M.I.G. (Made in Germany).
They are attending A2IM, as we are looking for new collaboration partners, sync the catalogs we represented reach out to new clients to represent them in some of the fields they are working in.
Andrew represents the act ORI which will perform at the Reeperbahn Festival showcase @ A2IM.

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Andrew Murray Baardsen

Company: Luft Recordings

Label, mgmt & Studio in Oslo, Norway representing Sassy 009, Pen Gutt & Baya.

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Anne Haffmans

Company: Domino Recording Company Deutschland GmbH

Anne Haffmans runs the German office of British indie label Domino and oversee marketing, promotion, distribution and label management for Germany and Austria. Domino is not signing locally but work all global releases of Domino in Germany and Austria. Anne Haffmans hopes to learn more about the US market and the developments of the music industry in 2019 and beyond at A2IM Indie Week.

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Antonio Cárdenas

Company: Heartfelt Management

Antonio Cárdenas heads up Berlin-based Heartfelt Management agency, which represents artists passionate for exploring genre-bending sounds and new music technology. In New York, he is looking to connect with like-minded business partners and with current professionals in the independent music industry.

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Birgit Böcher

Company: German Music Publishers Association (DMV)

The German Music Publishers Association represents over 350 publishing companies from one-woman/man-publisher to major companies and 90% of all publishing revenue generated in Germany. Birgit will be attending the Indie Week for the members of the association and to check out the possibilities for German Music Publishers in the U.S. independent market. Also she is looking for contact with other associations from the music business.

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Björn Mathes

Company: ferryhouse productions

Björn Mathes is a music industry professional for more than 25 years, working in senior marketing positions at companies such as Warner Music, MCA/Universal, Mercury Records and edel music. As a product manager and marketing director he was in charge of artists like AC/DC, Jon Bon Jovi, Aqua, Dream Theatre, Nathalie Cole, Mary J Blige, Matchbox 20, En Vogue and many others. He was founder and CEO of the music online platform Virtual Volume and one of the pioneers in digital music marketing and distribution in Germany. In 2006 he founded ferryhouse productions, a label focused on newcomers and emerging talents, together with the German media entrepreneur Frank Otto.
ferryhouse is an independent music label based in Hamburg, Germany and offers artists, producers and label partners a full-service structure for project development, music marketing, targeting, promotion and distribution. Due to specialized departments the company adapts to all different kinds of challenges and manoeuvres through the storms of todays music industry. The set up combines analytic and targeting tools with personal A&R and product management to leverage the driving force of streaming. Although we are a data-driven company - we always stay music-minded.
We are constantly looking for new exciting artists, projects, tracks and label partnerships.

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Christian Goebel

Company: Motor Entertainment GmbH

Christian Goebel is the Label Manager & Head of Publishing at Motor Entertainment, a leading German full-service-company known for its equally progressive artists and business models. He’s looking for artists & labels to release in Germany and sync-licensing opportunities for his roster.

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Claudia Clarkson

Company: WildKat PR

Claudia Clarkson’s purpose at WildKat is to move us away from just being a PR Agency and evolving into a Creative Agency, offering different brands of work within that and creating bespoke campaigns for the clients, artists and institutions we work for.
Develop and expand the company internationally, setting up offices in New York, LA and Paris, strategising further and pushing ourselves into a more Creative Agency.
Create new Business for WildKat, establishing new connections through the industry.
Working alongside the Founder, Directors, Junior and Senior Account Managers and playing a role in the development and execution of unique, creative campaigns to promote our artists and the company;
He hopes to meet like-minded innovative people within the arts sector at the A2IM Indie Week and build new relationships.

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Daniel Kempf

CompanyOWTF Records & Management

OWTF is a Record Label, Booking and Artist Management - Agency from Berlin. Daniel Kempf is the owner. He is working in the industry since about 20 years. Started as a Festival Promoter (Immergut Festival), he founded his own Booking Agency (Mikrokultur. they did the first tours and shows in Germany for bands like Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie etc.) and also doing Artist Management since 2009. At A2IM he would like to extend his network and meet people from all over the world to talk about cooperations etc.

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Dávid Bali

Company: HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes)

Dávid Bali, the responsible person for the Hungarian music export office, HOTS returns to New York to learn about the inner dynamics of the US independent scene, and to find possible collaborations about talent & catalogue circulation.

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Eniko Sebesteny-Gallasz


Eniko Sebesteny-Gallasz is managing director of WMMusicDistribution, a digital music distributor company focusing on music rights management on YouTube. She’ll be in New York looking for content owners who are interested in rights management and optimization services on YouTube.

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Fabienne Schmuki

Company: Irascible Records

Fabienne Schmuki is Co-CEO of the Swiss record label Irascible Records, and a board member of the Swiss association of independent labels and producers. She looks for new label-/licensing-partners and US-booking agents on one hand, on the other she offers label, publishing and promotion services.

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Gino van Eijk

Company: Future House Music

Dutchman Gino van Eijk is Co-Founder and Strategic Director at Future House Music. With his passion for music starting as young as the age of 11, the young entrepreneur has been busy producing beats, running indie labels and working on marketing all sorts of music for the major part of his life. At the age of 26 Gino knows his way around the electronic music scene, working on his own label Future House Music for over 4 years now with his partner Aart van den Dool, with the YouTube channel of 1 million subscribers. The New Age Label, built on the back of YouTube and their popular Facebook Group, continuously pushes the boundaries of modern day music distribution and marketing. With this, Future House Music offers a solid community for fans and artists within the house scene to grow, connect and celebrate everything the genre has to offer. From breaking international artists like Brooks, to hosting showcases and clubshows around the world, the best is yet to come.

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Guna Zučika

Company: Every Little Thing

Guna Zucika is a founder and managing director of Music management&consultancy company “Every Little Thing”. Company manages European Border Breakers Award 2016 winner from Latvia “Carnival Youth” G.Zucika is also a lecturer of Music Industry at Academy of Culture in Latvia and Member of Board and Music Export Latvia.

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Hannes Tschürtz

Company: Ink Music

Hannes Tschürtz is the founder of music agency and label Ink Music in Vienna; focussing on artist and career development. He is a board member of the Austrian Music Fund and helped to create Music Business educational programmes. At A2IM he’ll be looking for knowledge and network exchange as well as label/licensing partners.
Hannes represents the act MIRA LU KOVACS which will perform at the Reeperbahn Festival showcase @ A2IM.

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Henning Mues

Company: Euphorie

Henning Mues is music manager, label owner, cultural activist. He is looking for new partners in the fields of label and booking for our artists.
Henning Mues represents the band LEONIDEN which will perform at the Reeperbahn Festival showcase @ A2IM.

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Houwaida Goulli

Company: recordJet

Houwaida Goulli (product manager) will be in New York representing recordJet, one of the leading independent distributors in Germany.

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Ievgeniia Ivanova

Company: Independent Digital

Ievgeniia Ivanova is senior marketing specialist at Independent Digital. With the offices in Berlin, Paris, Nairobi, and headquarters in Warsaw, the company is the leading independent digital music distributor in Central and Eastern Europe. It cooperates with over 700 record labels and artists from Poland, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, the USA, and other countries. Ievgeniia is responsible for the promotion of the company’s catalog in the global and local music services: iTunes / Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, Yandex, Zvooq, etc. At A2IM Ievgeniia would look for international promotional opportunities for independent artists as well as for the innovative solutions in terms of data analysis and technology in the music industry.

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Ilias Dahimène

Company: Seayou Records

Ilias Dahimène runs the label group Seayou Entertainment based in Vienna, which includes the labels Seayou Records, Problembär Records, Futuresfuture and Assim Records which combined is one of the biggest independent master rights company in central Europe. He’ll be in New York looking for artists that want to enter the european market as well as other labels/rightsholders for possible cooperations.

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Ines Weidemann

Company: IAM - International Artist Marketing

With her company IAM – International Artist Marketing, Ines Weidemann offers the service of a “Head of International” to labels, distributors and artists. She is also specialized in online and social media marketing, event- and culture management. Furthermore, she supports artists and projects to receive cultural funding. Ines is looking for new inspiring collaborations.

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Jacek Kozlowski

Company: Artoffact Records

Jacek Kozlowski manages Toronto-based Artoffact Records from his home in Reykjavík, Iceland. Artoffact releases Icelandic trio Kælan Mikla, musician Sólveig Matthildur, Canadian acts ACTORS, Cevin Key, Dead Quiet, and many other inspiring artists. Jacek is interested in developing the publishing business at Artoffact and is looking for enthusiastic booking agencies in both Europe and the United States.

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Jens Thele

Company: Kontor New Media, Kontor Records

Jens Thele is the founder and managing director of German dance label Kontor Records and the managing director of digital distribution at Kontor New Media.

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Jörg Tresp

Company: DevilDuck Records

Jörg Tresp established DevilDuck Records in 2004 so they are celebrating their 15 years anniversary this year. They are working with bands from US, Canada, Scandinavia and of course Germany and focussing on authentic and timeless artists/bands who have a so called „indie attitude“. There is also the booking side of things called Midnight Mango. Besides that Jörg Tresp is also teaching „music business“. After studying „business & social economics“ he worked for different record companies such as „edel Records“ and „Warner Music“ as Marketing Manager. Nevertheless the main focus for sure is DevilDuck Records and a year ago they started to set up offices in Canada (Toronto/Montreal) and USA (Austin) as well.

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Jørn Dalchow

Company: daWorks Records AS, daWorks Music Publishing Ltd, daWorks Entertainment Ltd, Song Farm AS

daWorks is an Oslo based label, music publishing and rights management companies established in 2000 focusing
on pop, urban, R&B and EDM. daWorks also organizes one of Scandinavia’s best known proffesional songwriting camps, the annual Song Farm at Saltö Island in Sweden. daWorks’ worldwide distributor is INgrooves.
During Indie Week we hope to meet potential partners for our artists and songwriters in North America and other territories. We also look for synch opportunities and hope to connect with publishers and artists that would like to join Song Farm 2020.

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Julian Gupta

Company: Goodlife

Julian Gupta started as a music journalist. He is now Festival Director of splash! Festival, Promoter at Melt Booking and part of the Melt Festival Booking Team.

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Julien Hohl


Julien Hohl is CEO for PEGASE - house of labels - and A&R for the French Label Deaf Rock.
He also manages bands Last Train & Dirty Deep and has been working on release and publishing strategies as well as tours all over the world.
The perspectives in the US are license deals for The Blind Suns and Dirty Deep, both bands already having strong support with booking agencies there, a partnership to extend from Spotify France to Spotify US for Last Train, connections are already established and general networking and confirming some collaborations.

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Marco Valente

Company: AUAND Records

Marco Valente is the owner/founder of AUAND Records, a label devoted to discovering talents in Italy. He’s looking for strategic partners in licensing, promotion, and distribution.

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Michael Pohl

Company: Kontor New Media GmbH

Michael Pohl is managing director at the digital distribution company Kontor New Media GmbH. He is looking for strategic cooperations and new labels to be distributed through Kontor New Media.

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Michael Schuster

Company: Cargo Records

Michael Schuster is the C.E.O. of German distributor Cargo Records and its newly founded distro service 375 Media. He is looking to meet labels/artists with their sights set on the EU-market and has a keen interest in discussing how the global future of music will most likely be shaped by a handful of multinationals – and whether we indies can oppose the trend.

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Patricia Kopetzky

Company: Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG

Patricia is Project Manager for ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award

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Patrick Daniel

Company: Reeperbahn Festival / Snowhite Records & Artist Management

Patrick Daniel is delegation coordinator for the Reeperbahn Festival spin-offs in Beijing and New York and a music industry freelancer in Berlin for Snowhite Records & Artist Management, Synästhesie Festival, and the VUT Music Industry Women Mentoring Programme.

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Peter Soltesz

Company: AM:PM Music

Peter runs a label & artist management company based in Budapest, and also heads IMMF Hungary. Peter is currently involved with getting the Hungarian IMPALA organisation off the ground, and helping fresh bands & artists to develop their careers internationally. He’ll be in New York looking for new contacts to labels, booking agents & managers who are interested in discovering new artists, and to connect with like-minded professionals who want to know more about the Central-Eastern European region.

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Petr Blažek

Company: DaSkaRecords / 420 PRODUCTION / MMF CZ

Petr Blažek is music manager, promoter, sound designer, chairman of Music Managers Forum CZ. More than 20-years experience on professional music scene, he’s collaborating with outstanding Czech venues and musicians. He’s managing Mydy Rabycad, a band who performed at Glastonbury or Sziget and more top CZ bands.

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Philipp Scholz

Company: Kick The Flame Publishing, Tightrope Agency

Philipp Scholz is A&R Manager at Kick The Flame Publishing and Founder of the Tightrope Agency. He’ll be in New York looking for new partner labels and other strategic partnerships. Philipp Scholz is a Berlin Music Ambassador.

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Rainer Scheerer

Company: SPRINGSTOFF - empowering music

Rainer Scheerer is the founder and owner of SPRINGSTOFF - empowering music, which is a queer-feminist Artist Management, Label and Music Publishing company from Berlin. He is coming from a classical music background as an opera singer with an international career. Rainer Scheerer is a member of the Sandbox Network and Berlin Music Ambassador always looking for connections with labels, booking agents & publisher from the US.

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Ralph Boege

Company: Paradise Entertainment & Distribution / Paradise Americas 

Ralph Boege is managing director at Paradise Distribution / Paradise Americas and looking for artists and labels (for Distribution Services, Monetization, Neighboring Rights collection/ Music Recognition Technology delivery).

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Ramona Kappmeyer

Company: Reeperbahn Festival GbR

Ramona is Head of the Communication-team at Reeperbahn Festival

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Ran Nir

Company: I Am You Music Group UG

Ran Nir is the co-owner Manager and A&R of I Am You Music Group UG, the company is an artist management, Publisher, label and Booking agency based in Berlin, Germany.
Ran is looking for making new connections for the artists the company works with in the fields of: Labels, Distribution, Booking, Music Supervisors and Brands.
Ran represents the act ORI which will perform at the Reeperbahn Festival showcase @ A2IM.

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Robert Gal

Company: WMMusicDistribution

Robert Gal is an entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in digital music starting at the era of ringtones, founder of several market leader companies in the region. His aim during the A2IM Indie Week is to look for partners for WMMusicDistribution (founded in 2008) services that could easily be adapted in any country or region.

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Sarah Stam


Sarah Stam is an Amsterdam based Music enthusiast who focuses on artist- and label management within the (electronic) music scene. Having worked for Spotify, Armada Music and the AEI Group in the past, she currently works under the umbrella of her own company SET THE TONE. Working with youtube labels like Future House Music and NoCopyrightsSounds amongst others, which operate at the forefront of independent label models, she has a focus working on marketing, branding and international relations. As an artist manager she is currently working with UK musician, producer and DJ Ellis, known for his viral remix of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You, racking over 60 million views on YouTube, and his own future house releases. Furthermore, Sarah is closely involved with the global movement of SheSaidSo, stimulating a positive movement to encourage equality & diversity within the music industry, spearheading the Dutch department SheSaidSo.Ams.

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Scharmien Zandi

Company: PLANET 9

Scharmien Zandi is the founder of the label PLANET 9 based in Vienna (Austria). She is looking for business partners in booking, label operations, publishing and management. She will be in New York to represent the label while espiring to broaden the artist repertoire.

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Sönke Strauch

Company: Listen Collective

Sönke Strauch is working in the music industry since 2011, starting with the record label Trickser and later founding his current company ListenCollective. ListenCollective is a record label, booking agency, pr agency, publisher and local promoter. They now represent more than one hundred artists from all over the world.
Sönke Strauch represents the act RENATA ZEIGUER which will perform at the Reeperbahn Festival showcase @ A2IM.

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Stefan Penz

Company: Mother´s Cake AG

Stefan Penz is the manager of Mother´s Cake, a psychedelic rock trio, which is stirring up the underground scene all over Europe. He is also the founder of the Austrian based booking agency Govinda Artist Services. Stefan is looking for new contacts to American labels, booking agencies and publishers to expand his network in the US.

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Stephan Rombach

Company: details

Stephan Rombach is at A2IM Indie Week representing details, a modular cloud solution for the administration of independent music businesses. He is looking forward to meeting labels, distributors, PR agencies, and artist managements.
Stephan Rombach is a Berlin Music Ambassador.

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Svea Schuhmann

Company: Reeperbahn Festival GbR

Svea is part of the Communication-team at Reeperbahn Festival

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Tanju Boerue

Company: Reeperbahn Festival GbR

Tanju Boerue is Head of Production at Reeperbahn Festival

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Thea Zaitsev

Company: Pieces of 8 Music

Thea Zaitsev is an artist, producer-mixer and songwriter’s manager, who's together with her British business partner, running her our management and publishing company Pieces of 8 Music based in London and Tallinn. We’re representing Grammy-winning producers and mixers as well as artists from across Europe and always looking for new projects to collaborate on from developing artists, songwriting interests as well as potential new partners for our artists.

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Tobias Lampe

Company: Superstition Entertainment

Tobias Lampe works for Superstition Entertainment. He is also senior A&R at hfn music, which is one of the company’s main labels. He’s looking for strategic partners in licensing, promotion, and distribution.

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