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Music business professionals from the sectors recorded, publishing, distribution and management who have a concrete interest in the US or Chinese market are now cordially invited to apply to participate in the Beijing and New York spin-offs. For Peking we are also accepting applications from the sector live. In order for us to make an objective selection based on substantive criteria, we ask that you send the following information to Patrick Daniel by 04 April 2019:

  • Which spin-offs are you applying for? (applying for both events is possible simultaneously)

→ 05 – 08 May 2019, Nashville, USA, Reeperbahn Festival @ MusicBiz

→ 18–19 May 2019, Beijing, China, Reeperbahn Festival @ WISE

→ 17–20 June 2019, New York, USA, Reeperbahn Festival @ A2IM Indie Week

→ Which area of the music industry do you work in?

→ Have you already worked with music business professionals in the selected market (China or USA)? If so, with whom or in what context?

→ What is your motivation for wanting to participate in the delegation to Beijing/New York?

The German Federal Foreign Office is supporting every European Reeperbahn Festival delegate with a travel subsidy of 600 Euro (New York) and 800 Euro (Beijing). Participation in the showcases and events, such as panels, workshops and matchmaking sessions, which are organised exclusively for the delegation, is obligatory.

  • Further Information Reeperbahn Festival NYC @ A2IM Indie Week

→ Reeperbahn Festival NYC @ A2IM Indie Week, June 17-20 features:

→ discounted ticket to A2IM Indie Week (530 instead of 1.575 USD)

→ travel/hotel subsidy of 600 Euro 

→ Individual 1:1 meetings during A2IM Indie Week

→ RBF NYC delegation get-together

→ A2IM Indie Week opening night party

→ Dedicated panels for the RBF New York delegation at A2IM Indie Week

→ Reeperbahn Festival Showcase Night at Rockwood Music Hall and further evening events

→ Happy Hour and Anchor Jury Announcement at Rockwood Music Hall

→ Reeperbahn Festival NYC booklet featuring individual delegates info 

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  • Further Information Reeperbahn Festival Beijing @ WISE 

→ Reeperbahn Festival Beijing @ WISE, May 17-20 features:

→ registration to WISE (free participation for RBF delegates)

→ travel/hotel subsidy of 800 Euro - Delegations Hotel: Gracie Art Hotel

→ Individual 1:1 meetings

→ RBF Beijing delegation get-together with selected Chinese music industry

→ Dedicated panels for the RBF Beijing delegation at WISE

→ 2 Reeperbahn Festival Showcase Nights with a selection of Chinese and European artists

→ Optional on request: Excursions and sightseeing

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