Music Film Contest

The international Music Film Contest of the Reeperbahn Festival

Reeperbahn Festival Music Film Contest

If there is anything that can bring images to life, it is music. And: What would films be without it? It is about a very special atmosphere, about moments and about telling personal stories. To achieve this is an art in itself – and the Music Film Contest at the Reeperbahn Festival 2017 will give a stage to this kind of art. In cooperation with the UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival (Music Film Festival) Hamburg, this new format will screen films on musicians, bands, their interpretations and their lives devoted to music – films that have so far only made the hearts of insiders beat faster. For four days, music and film fans can freely express their passion: The cinema doors will be open for everyone who has a Reeperbahn Festival ticket in their pockets.

Staged at four venues, the MUSIC FILM CONTEST will add a new dimension to the 2017 issue of the Reeperbahn Festival. 24 films will compete in the race when, on Tuesday, 19 September, the film projector will start running at the Hamburg Metropolis cinema. In the large and small halls of Studiokino and at B-Movie, filmmakers will also show their works, mainly from the 2016 and 2017 production years, subjecting them to the critical eyes of a top-level jury. Three well-known personalities from the German film and music business will not have an easy job when they decide about awarding the prize worth 2,500 euros.

Protagonists behind the scenes

When during the Reeperbahn Festival, the Hamburg Kiez – the “hood” – transforms into a venue for music fans, the interplay of music and film will reach a new dimension. There is a longer story behind this successful idea: With a lot of love for detail, Ralf Schulze (festival management and organisation) and Stefan Pethke (programme coordination) together with UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival have made this culture what it is today: the oldest platform for documentation and films around the music theme in German-speaking regions. What is so special about music films? Inventive productions and the unique feeling of experiencing your music icons as closely as possible. Only last year, UNERHÖRT! celebrated its 10th anniversary– by linking itself to the Reeperbahn Festival it will stay focused on the future.


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