Music Film Contest

The international Music Film Contest of the Reeperbahn Festival


B-Movie has been an integral part of St. Pauli’s varied cultural landscape since 1987. Working with a new theme each month, the cinema’s all-volunteer team puts together programmes that feature everything from Hollywood productions to quirkier films that fall well outside the cinematic mainstream.


Metropolis, a cinema run by Kinemathek Hamburg e.V., emphasizes alternative programming: from silent films with live music accompaniment to quality short films to the Trump Film Festival – the aim is to encourage a general awareness of cinematic tradition and culture. On Tuesday, 19 September 2017, the opening film of the Music Film Contest will be screened here.

Studio Kino

Since reopening in 2011, Studio Kino, St. Pauli’s neighbourhood cinema, has been presenting a great mix of arthouse and mainstream films. Studio Kino’s two theatres will both be film venues during Reeperbahn Festival 2017.


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