A little programme sneak peak for the Festival Saturday

Let's start the last day of the festival with a small selection of programmes. Come around, discover, be surprised!   

For festival visitors: 


Black Sea Dahu, 7 pm – Draussen im Grünen 

►  Janine Cathrein was only five when she started practising the violin in an old workshop. Then came the drums. And then came her two siblings Vera and Simon. Together the threesome known as Black Sea Dahu play visceral folk music, at times poppy, other times in chamber orchestra style, but always with an incredibly warming undertone, somewhere at the crossover between summer and autumn. 


Isolation Berlin, 9:00 pm – Draussen im Grünen 

  Wasting one's youth as a life motto - that was not yesterday, but is once again today. Here and now. In the status quo of the platform capitalism, where everything is hyped and nothing heals. Isolation Berlin carry this lifestyle in their name, but also in the music on their records. 


Muff Potter, 9:30 pm – ARTE Concert Stage 

►  Legends never die, so they say. And in 2018, Muff Potter took this figurative idiom and applied it for real when they applied for the annulment of their own dissolution. Now they are finally back on stage in Hamburg.  

Nico, 7 pm – Zeise Kinos 

►  Nico, an optimistic German-Persian woman, is very popular with everyone who knows her because of her relaxed and understanding nature. With her best friend Rosa, the geriatric nurse enjoys the Berlin summer – until a racist assault tears her out of her everyday life. Nico becomes aware that she does not belong to society as naturally as she always wanted to believe. 

For Conference visitors:  


Korea Spotlight 2021 – Spielbude Stream, 1:30 pm – Spielbude XL  

►  Korea Spotlight – presented by Korea Creative Agency (KOCCA) - showcases the best in live music from South Korea. Today you can see the Showcase on stream at Spielbude XL.  


The Danish Night – Part Two, 3:15 pm – Indra 

►  Music Export Denmark is very excited to return to Indra for a classic Danish Night at Reeperbahn Festival. We are happy to present four of the most interesting new acts and of course see all of our international colleagues at our reception before the shows. 


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