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Personal and emotional experiences drive Anna Ternheim’s songwriting. The Swedish singer-songwriter has released five albums so far, each one better than the last. She has been and remains one of the preeminent poets of European pop.
Ideally, music is a merging of the intellectual and the emotional, the head and the heart. Songs by The Head and the Heart are professions of the band’s love of harmonies and melodies in the spirit of classic Americana.
Gang of Four are known for their bone-dry bass riffs – and for the forward-driving drums that define the sound of these four Brits and make their music so very danceable. The band always had the right groove – and after reuniting, they’ve still got it.
A raw, rather combative sound aesthetic that takes inspiration from all the many exotic locations that Matias Aguayo has visited – this is must-hear music. Aguayo will be backed by The Desdemonas.
Listen to their music and it’s immediately clear: Slydigs’s roots are in the 60s. Theirs is a cheerful, fast-paced rock in 4/4 time. Good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, subtly and unobtrusively revitalised and – what’s more – pleasant in its presentation.
Sun-kissed pop that reminds of holidays, hot days, and the sea. That’s what Izzy Bizu (foto) does. But she’s also very good at refined, upbeat soul that makes no secret of its debt to Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald.

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