Logbook and a new version of Reeperbahn Festival app available!

After compiling your programme favourites on the website you can synchronise them with the app and vice versa. Based on your personalised Spotify music library and Facebook likes, the app will recommend items from the Reeperbahn Festival line-up. A map navigates through the jungle of locations, and push news provides information on current topics or line-up changes. 

Moreover, this year you can use the personal logbook again: On activating the Bluetooth function the app localises all Reeperbahn Festival locations you have visited and stores them on the corresponding smart phone (and only there!). Late at night or the next morning you can follow the festival route of the previous evening and have the programme pass in review. What's new this year is the expanded range of bonus material that comes with the logbook. Whether acoustic sessions, interviews, videos or photos – further material is available.

An audio guide will accompany guests on their tour of the Open Air Gallery through visual compositions that ten artists have created even before release of the new Clueso album in October.

 Now available as update for Android and iOS.

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