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The singer Yasmine Hamdan unites different musical influences within her songs. Western electro beats meet Greek bouzouki tunes, classic Arabian rhythms talk modern trip-hop. She sings of relationships, love and rebellion and in september she’ll bring this multi cultural flair to the Reeperbahn Festival.
The Canadian band Timber Timbre is moving away even further from its classic singer-songwriting to Dark Blues Pop on its current album. Still, it is hard to believe that only three musicians create this wide multi-facetted sound. The guys master several instruments themselves and will soon convince us of their talent.
The next band just invented their very own genre: "Urban Brass“.That's what the ten members of Moop Mama call their creation out of brass and beats, that front singer Keno accompanies with his easy-going raps of all day life observations. A sound that is born to burst on stage when Moop Mama becomes a ten headed hydra.
The US American band Welshly Arms indulge in melodious contemporary blues rock, decorated with a great portion of soul. This can be heard in songs like "Bad Blood (Position Music) or their current single "Legendary“ which have been hogged by several companies for their commericals. Basing their music on their Midwestern roots, the splendid six create a unique incomparable style. 
When the keys crackle and the snares clap it means that Slowy & 12Vince are in the house. Both together celebrate hip-hop in its purest form. DJ and producer 12Vince samples all kinds of jazz and funk records and creates classic Boombap beats, equally retro as timeless.
A little bit more quiet and atmospheric plays the islandic band Vök. Near-whispered melodies, dreamy hooks and echoing guitars are parts of their atmospheric electro-pop.
Everything Everything will make Hamburg dance in semptember! Their dynamic, electronic sound is going straight into the legs which make their songs the perfect soundtrack for any dancefloor while their lyrics are handling actual, political subjects.

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