Art and cinema under the open sky

Performance and intervention 
Curtain up for this year's art program with 17 confirmations!
Who plays what role ultimately no longer plays a role in the Taubenstraße where visitors are bound and borders are blurred.
The Iranian director  Hamid Pourazari  is known for staging unconventional productions in unusual venues, such as bars, garages, and tennis courts. In his guerilla theater the audience abandons its role as spectator and becomes part of the performative action. Participation is also demanded by  Marleen Andreev  in her body-space-related experiments. For Reeperbahn Festival the studied painter will be mixing performance, photography, painting, and installation to play with the perception of the spectator.
Something unheard transpires among you. A murmur and whisper circulates among you. Eyes meet among you. In Amongst Yourselves Christine Kristmann, Anna Huber and Anne Pretzsch encounter the audience itself into a collective interplay in public spaces with inside view and outside perspective. 
Planned without planning is also Baldur Burwitz working. A typical anti-conceptual artist, who develops his art in conjunction with its site and in a play with clichés. 
Madeleine Christin Leroy is disrupting the the cityscape. How the viewers are reacting to her humanoid creations is playing as a big role to her as to  Thomas Judisch  and his birds. On bridges, rooftops and trees they perch and watch vigilantly.  

Open Air cinema in the Taubenstraße
The work of Radical Tehran oscillate between abstraction and the sounds of everyday life. Mehdi Behboudi, sound artist from Tehran and poet Vahide Sistani captured their first video installation together with the Hamburg video artist Felix Lübbert and invite the audience to dive into their “Tehran Thricolage”.
It’s all about the aestheticising of horror for Cordula Ditz . In „You'd Better Run“ she presents scenes from B- and C-horror movies that show female victims fleeing which in its’ absurdity appears aesthetically dance-like.
Entertainment will be provided by „Budny and Rossman“. The two cartoon-heroes from the Animationseries2000 always get into trouble on screen and love to take the viewer on new adventures. 

Creative Spaces 
Welcome to the Viva con Agua Pool_Party! What? Yes, exactly – Plunge into the idea-filled universe of Viva con Agua, dive deep into the Millerntor Gallery’s world of art, music, and culture, and surface to chart a new common course with other creative people.
For four days the Lemonaid Social Bus double-decker will be the go-to address for those who like good music and are interested in social activism, political participation, and issues surrounding human rights. A place to hang out and network, ponder and debate – a place to do some straight talking.
Debating is also wanted at Wundern über Tanawo'. In dialog with the collective Radical Tehran a bridge is built between Hamburg and Tehran by creating a meeting place for artists and viewers. It’s about looking instead of watching.
In the midst of the craziness of clubs, bars, and other establishments, the Berlin-based urban design collective L.U.C.K is creating a communicative festival centre where everybody is invited to be creative. Let the show begin!

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