Artful Fields – Perls Of The Arts Programme

One thing is clear: Reeperbahn Festival would not be complete without its art programme. Of course there will be also a premiere: this years for the first time there will be the "field of arts" at our festival village!

Apart from the large-scale Flatstock Europe Poster Convention by international silkscreen artists on Spielbudenplatz, the Gallery Hopping  feature through the new town galleries has long since become an indispensable element; here visitors can join tours through this labyrinth of creativity, diversity and quality, guided by the Young Friends of the Kunsthalle and become true connoisseurs of the Hamburg art scene. Start and finish of this tour is the Festival Village where you can also find the exhibition “It Started in Hamburg” by Klaus Voormann which is going to be realised in cooperation with hi-life Uriz von Oertzen. At the work exhibition created by the musician, graphic designer, author, movie actor and designer of the Beatles “Revolver” album cover, guests can immerse in the multifaceted creations of the Munich-based artist made up of graphic works, sketches, objects and large projections as well as iconic illustrations from the Beatles era and connect with the city where it all began – not just for him. 
Moreover, at the Festival Village, you can experience the following highlights on the “Field of Arts”: The art project Animation Series 2000  has created the Budny & Rossman Funpark, a complete theme park in a container full of self-made, colourful machines and, of course, also new cartoons whose main characters are from the cartoon series by the same name, a feature that has meanwhile become a permanent element of Reeperbahn Festival. Björn Holzweg and his “Lost Track” Roller Coaster installation is spotlighting the dispute between urban and natural places as part of our complex human society. This environment is also the setting for the show "Subversion" of the performance artist Anne Pretzsch from the Hamburg collective Glitch AG whose main focus is on the interface between discourse and perception. The deliberate play of moving the boundaries between stage, public space, reality and fiction will take the Reeperbahn Festival guests to an exciting transitory universe, where internal and external views are resolved in perspective.
Less fictional, but even more current and intense are the installation and performances by the Berlin artist Isaiah Lopaz who, in cooperation with the Kunstverein Hamburg (Hamburg art association), will make racism in our society visible and tangible at Reeperbahn Festival. His installation “Say what you mean & mean what you say” displayed on the “Field of Arts” will draw your attention to everyday, partially unconsciously adopted racism by means of projection of statements and questions Lopaz is faced with because of his skin colour. With his performance “A History of Remembering”, a joint dinner also set at the “Field of Arts”, Lopaz will give his guests an understanding for histories and traditions of sub-Sahara origin. All dishes are linked to historic episodes, creating a comprehensive, sustainable experience for all senses. 
The installations of the artist duo Quintessenz, consisting of Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic, are colourful and extensive. On the Reeperbahn Festival “Field of Arts”, the two will show “Vanilla Sky”, a work from their series playing with fabric, colour and shape. Different perspectives, incident light and shadow will take the visitor to an ever-changing interaction of space, colour and shape, with no two moments alike.  

Also confirmed: Anton Corbijn: The Living and the Dead – Exhibiton at Bucerius Kunstforum | Palms & Circumstances, by NBHAP | Erotic Art Museum  – Wolfgang "Bubi" Heilemann Exhibition | Artisttalk with Gallerytalk | Tape That – Tape Art Container | Kasia Kandel – " A Very Limited Edition" | Ada Grüter & Janne Plutat – "The Tribal Society" | Confessional 3000 | Shared Studio. 

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