Program: Reeperbahn Festival International Beijing 2021 (21-23 April)

In cooperation with WISE - The Future Festival & Think Tank and supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, we will provide above all small and medium-sized companies as well as promising new artists direct access to the Chinese music-, tech-, and creative industries.

The event will begin on the morning of 21 April (Wednesday) with an official kick-off. At 9:00 am (MESZ), Reeperbahn Festival International will get things underway for the European delegation at the Nochtspeicher in Hamburg with a greeting by Alexander Schulz (Managing Director of Reeperbahn Festival) and Evelyn Sieber (Project Management at Reeperbahn Festival International), a meet-and-greet with WISE founder Philipp Grefer, a discussion of the program, and a subsequent Q&A with the delegates. At 10:00 am, the program will continue seamlessly with digital visits to Kanjian and Livenation in Beijing, during which Chinese decision-makers will provide the European delegation with valuable insights into their work as well as into the Chinese music- and creative industries in general. In the evening, a hybrid showcase concert featuring emerging European and Chinese acts will follow beginning at 7:00 pm that can be livestreamed and watched by the public via Facebook. Performers: Lie Ning, Bohan Phoenix, and Ava Vegas.

On 22 April, a number of interesting sessions are planned. Experts will present and discuss the interplay between the European and Chinese music- and creative markets in different panels and provide all participants with concrete ideas and inspiration for new or stronger collaboration possibilities. The event will begin at 9:00 am with an introductory presentation by Joe Sparrow and Helen Feng, followed by the panels "Music Marketing in China" (9:30 am), "Touring and Festivals in China" (10:10 am), and "Future Trends in Music and Tech" (10:30 am) and subsequently by a Q&A (11:10 am). Panelists will include Kyle Bagley (Founder / CEO, Groove Dynasty), Stephen Dowler (Brand Manager Asia Pacific, Monstercat), Reggie Ba-Pe (Co-Founder, Club Media), Kris Tu (Founder, Huanyin), Jane Polubotko (International Marketing Manager, Kanjian / Music Ally), Shan Wie (Chief Director, Midi Festival), and more. Anyone with a ticket for the digital Reeperbahn Festival conference platform can participate.

The last day, 23 April, will be all about making new contacts for our selected participants. In close cooperation with WISE, beginning at 9:00 am, a 1:1 meeting between Chinese decision-makers and each member of the European delegation will be curated and individually tailored to the goals and interests of each participant. For these sessions, all participating delegates will be given the opportunity to have digital meetings of approximately ten minutes each with potential business- or project partners from China.

We are looking forward to an exciting experience with all the delegates from the fields of labels, publishing, distribution, management, marketing/promotion, booking/live events, and related digital/creative business fields!

Due to the current pandemic, the events of Reeperbahn Festival International Beijing will be offered primarily in digital/hybrid form on the digital Reeperbahn Festival conference platform, but we promise to continue to offer a wide variety of events.

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