Call for Participation: Matchmaking at Reeperbahn Festival International Johannesburg

An important part of Reeperbahn Festival International is matchmaking, which has always led to numerous and valuable collaborations and business deals. The stage is thus now also set for Reeperbahn Festival Johannesburg (25–27 November 2021, as part of Africa’s leading trade event - ACCES). The pan-African event, which is organised in a different city every year, will feature African decision-makers from renowned management agencies, labels, publishers, bookers and more who will be able to connect with their European counterparts via digital 1:1 meetings.  

The matchmaking will take place live on-site at ACCES on Friday, 26 November 2021 from 11.30-13.00 CET, and will be complemented by digital participants from Africa and Europe via the Reeperbahn Festival Conference platform.  

We want to connect around 80 music creators from both continents and we are happy to offer around 35 of these digital participation slots to interested European industry players.  

The application form to participate in the digital matchmaking event can be found here. The application deadline is 12 November. 

The matchmaking event will offer a direct line to otherwise often difficult-to-reach contacts in the booming African markets in addition to valuable opportunities for exchange on a cultural level. Our competent local partner is the MIAF (Music In Africa Foundation), which is currently in close talks with Stay Low (Steyn Entertainment), Akum Agency (Blinky Bill, Sampa The Great), Africori (Master KG), Tik Tok Africa, Black Major, Gallo, Mount Makeda, Bunna Empire, Sheer Publishing, and many other potential matchmaking contacts. 

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