Setting the table from back to front!

There is a soundtrack to match every meal. But is there a meal to match every type of music?
At the Cooking con Concert event the kitchen crew from Kitchen Guerilla will stage the experiment: They will listen intensely to the music of a festival line-up act and then compose a meal to reflect the music in terms of flavour. But in the end it's the audience alone that will decide: sound mush or symphony in the tummy?
The "Aus Finnland" - From Finland - Foodgarden were already guests of the 2015 Reeperbahn Festival with their country focus of Finland. With traditional Finish food and drinks you will leave the Spielbudenplatz hustle behind, taking a journey of the vast expanse of the Finish woods.  
Dinner is served! Amongst the Spielbudenplatz music, stages and festival chill-outs various food trucks will invite festival guests to a feast.
But not only Spielbudenplatz focuses on FOOD. Together with PRINZ Hamburg we will offer advice on where to have breakfast, where to get the best burgers and what are the Reeperbahn Festival specials at the Schanze and in St. Pauli. Whether vegan supper and Czech craft beer at the Alles Elbe; sour cheese salad and wholemeal bread at the former brothel Amphore; indie, a pop and metal breakfast at Caffè Latte; a double cheese burger at Idol; pickled herring rolls and Astra beer at Kleine Haie Grosse Fische; Deathpresso for coffee junkies at Kopiba; wholemeal bread with scrambled eggs & fresh shrimps amidst cosy vintage furniture at Kraweels; a seitan sandwich surrounded by Miller's football and breakfast tradition; turkey bagel & cafe latte at Mother’s Fine Coffee between Davidwache and the St. Pauli Museum or pizza with salmon, horseradish and baby spinach at Pizza Bande – there will be something to suit everyone's taste! At three of the eatery locations there will be additional acoustic sets by artists from the music programme of the Reeperbahn Festival.
While our delicious Reeperbahn Festival specialties are being tasted, there will also be a feast for the ears! On Thursday, LOUKA will have the first Eatery Session starting at 3:00 p.m at Grilly Idol. On Friday, wonderful Vivie Ann will perform at Kopiba at 3:00 p.m. On Saturday, the Consolers will join you for a hangover breakfast at Amphore. Starting time: 1:00 p.m!

You will find all previous confirmations here. More information about the Eatery offer you can find here.

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