Dope Lemon confirmed

No doubt, Angus Stone (photo) is currently one of the most interesting singer songwriters from Down Under, but has already been respected there as a bard of well thought-out light-heartedness for quite a while.  As Angus and Julia Stone, he and his sister attracted attention with wonderful summer sound tracks such as "Down The Way" or "Snow" in the past ten years, but was equally successful on his own as Lady Of The Sunshine and Dope Lemon

He spreads the style repertoire from Bob Dylan via Neil Young to Tom Petty, develops Deadbeat-Persona and semi-sober vocals without appearing artificial - and as Dope Lemon he will also crash into Hamburg in September.

Or let's say, he will have a smooth touch-down. After all, his new record "Smooth Big Cat" is soft as green velvet, pleasantly befuddled from the Australian heat. Indie Rock meets neo-psychedelia on a Pacific beach, while auspicious vocals invite you to lean back. There isn't probably anyone between Kiel and Canberra who musically reflects the laziness of a tropical July Saturday so perfectly. Watching the video clip of the fantastic "Salt & Pepper" provides sufficient proof. 


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