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What music enthusiast doesn’t dream of a job in the industry at some point during their teens (at the latest)? Those who are seriously interested in a career in the music industry will rarely find as many opportunities to get into the business as at Reeperbahn Festival. As in previous years, festivalgoers can get a real taste of the music-business world by taking part in the Education programme – this year with a line-up of 30 workshops, talks, and discussion sessions. Experts and well-known names from the fields of live entertainment, recorded music, publishing, marketing, and technology focus on the music business in all its many forms and facets.

For example, in the workshop “Music market Hamburg, job market Hamburg”, Andrea Rothaug (Rockcity Hamburg) will talk to three Hamburg-based artists – Frank Spilker (Die Sterne), Rick McPhail (Tocotronic), and Dirk Darmstaedter (solo artist, The Jeremy Days; former Tapete label manager) – about Hamburg as a music hub. What’s life like in the city and what are the challenges? In “How does a podcast work?”, Jakob Thoene (Electronic Beats), Steve Clash (Übernacht-Podcast), and Daniel Nikolaou (Spotify) explain the secret behind the unexpected success of the podcast and what goes into making a podcast in 2018 – they also offer useful tips for the marketing of content of all kinds. In the talk “Instagram, Musically, and Snapchat”, social-media experts Marvin Göldner and Philipp Thurmann provide valuable information on the social networks of the moment.


Also confirmed for the Education programme:
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