Reeperbahn Festival 2023, here we come – Our concerts at Elbphilharmonie

We're starting today with the announcement of the Elbphilharmonie concerts, that always offer a very special atmosphere in the great hall during the Reeperbahn Festival, and we're curious to see how you like our four acts Altin Gün, JEREMIAS, Matt Corby and FIL BO RIVA.    

Altin Gün
Altin Gün are real globetrotters. The collective from Amsterdam pours sounds of the most diverse cultures into pop songs full of authentic joie de vivre, reaching people all over the globe. For the transcultural enrichment of this year's Reeperbahn Festival, Altin Gün have designed a special set of songs from their latest project "Aşk", which will transform the resonance space of the Elbphilharmonie into a bazaar of sound ideas, musical curiosities and stories from 2023 nights surrounded by dunes.   

First the debut album made heads turn all over the German-speaking world, then sold-out venues and open airs with thousands of fans, finally support for greats like Cro – JEREMIAS have achieved what only very few bands succeed in doing at this speed today. In recent years, the quartet from Hanover has developed into a new authority in German indie pop, capturing the attitude to life of Gen Z with all its longings, fears and hopes in mercilessly rousing songs. Modern poetry meets songwriting that encourages reflection on one's own life as well as unconditional indulgence and hope.   

Matt Corby
We often only appreciate the good times when we also have to go through difficult phases again and again - that's life. For Matt Corby, this formula is not only a coping strategy, but also a source of inspiration. So when he takes to the stage at the Elbphilharmonie in September with fresh song material, it will have emerged from his own experiences over the past months and years. Art that life writes, so to speak.  

We all know the wild melancholy that seizes us when we remember missed opportunities. But thoughts of what could have been are not only often marked by nostalgia, but also hold insights for a better future. At his performance at the Elbphilharmonie in September, he will perform new songs as well as well-known material and, in addition to goosebumps, will undoubtedly provoke unexpected trains of thought. Rating: Particularly haunting. 

Book your seats in the Elbphilhamonie now when you buy a Reeperbahn Festival ticket. All information about the programme can be found on our website.  

For those of you who already have a ticket but have not yet secured a place in the Elphi, you can find all the information you need about booking here.

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