Festival Village

The green village between Millerntor and Reeperbahn

In the middle of the concrete desert of Heiligengeistfeld, the Reeperbahn Festival will roll out a turf carpet, turning it into an idyllic village, inviting visitors to relax and discover day and night and offering a diverse programme.

A very special location of the village between Millerntor and Reeperbahn is the Dome with a 360-degree all-round view. Below its cupola, daily music films and programme items for professional guests will be offered every day, as well as “Currents”: A multi-media work made up of piano and electronics play and shape worlds projected in 360 degrees which Martin Kohlstedt conceived specifically for the Reeperbahn Festival together the design houses Bloodbrothers and Elektropastete. Moreover, every day the format “Art of 360“ will show the best international short films from the genres fiction, art and music, and “ego I blurred“ , the new video by the Islandic minimal techno due Kiasmos, will have its world premiere.

In the village, you will also find the fritz kola open-air stage where concerts will be shown all over the day. And the indispensable BAZZOOKAS Bus will be parked in the Festival Village this year, keeping company to the Shared Studios and ContainerLove – two elements of the project platform POP’N’POLITICS, subsidised by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. 

The Social Bus will be the place to go for all those who are not only interested in good music but also in issues such as human rights, political participation and social commitment. The artist duo Quintessenz will showcase “Collusion“, an extensive installation consisting of several coloured wooden sculpture ­– geometry to lean on, saw on, talk to.

And “Rock Pharmacy“ opens its gates not only to Foo Fighter fans, promising fan goodies and raffles.

Moreover, the Festival Village is the new location of the Ticket Desk.

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