First Acts for the Line-Up!

Here we go! The first 35 artists and bands for Reeperbahn Festival 2017 have now been confirmed.

His lyrics are scathing, his melodies full of longing, his heroes charming losers – a winning mix that young singer-songwriter Faber offers up with such conviction that he’s now being talked about as perhaps the most promising talent in Swiss pop.
The rootsy folk rock of Boston-based band Dispatch captivates from the very first note and there’s some damn good storytelling to be heard in their songs. The trio has already come out with an impressive four live albums, and this June they’re set to release their eagerly awaited new album, “America, Location 12”, which they’ll perform in September.
TUA, who is a member of the German rap group Die Orsons, draws on deep basslines and misty synthscapes to create meditative hip-hop gems that exist somewhere between energetic rap and sentimental vocals. Songs, newly arranged, are now becoming the blueprint for a new emotionalism in German hip hop.
German quartet Love A is always good for a post-punk-meets-popular-hits sound. The band takes on life’s painful subjects, pouring their thoughts into a marvellous mixture of melancholy, gloom, and a hefty dose of rage. They, too, will be arriving at in September with a brand-new album.
With his fine-spun stories and minimalist songs, accompanied only by acoustic guitar and a touch of electronics, Charlie Cunningham has shed his insider-tip status, especially now that he’s come out with his debut album “Lines”. He played a great gig at the St. Pauli Church during Reeperbahn Festival 2014, and we’re looking forward to seeing him again this September.
The psychedelic rock of Nashville foursome All Them Witches is steeped in the best late-60s tradition – extended improvisations included. It’s a psychedelic rock with the occasional trancey rhythms, reminiscent of the Grateful Dead’s lengthy improvisational jams.

Have a listen & be informed!

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