Fresh confirmations

Unbelievable! Shortly before the release, a batch of high-calibre new artists is announced, expanding the line-up with even more unique sounds.

The ambient pop duo Hundreds, who last visited us in 2013, is playing a home game. Since then a lot has happened to the Milner siblings, who are finally back with a new album for a gig in their hood.

The fresh sounds of IDER flood on in with Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick presenting their under-the-skin neo-R'n'B two-part harmonies. With their recent debut "Emotional Education," nothing can go wrong.

Skinnyblackboy delivers simple, laid-back urban beats–his live set featuring personal classics as well as current material. A German MC delivering english rap with international potential–the combination is rare even for us.

The music of Ensemble Resonanz is just as unexpected. The ensemble, somewhere between a modern chamber orchestra and a group of experimental virtuosos, performs a unique approach to classical and new music since 1994, even piquing the interest of frigid classical audiences.

That's also the way of the indie quartet Sorry. For the four Londoners, the confusion of postmodernism is one more reason to make rock music weirder, more distorted and trippier, but without losing any of the catchyness.

And then there is the Icelandic pianist Gabríel Ólafs, whose debut was released in August. From "Absent Minded" emerge keyboard sounds reminiscent of the beauty of Erik Satie and melodies develop in places where seemingly all avenues had been exhausted.

Niels Fejrskov Juhl and Theis Vesterløkke of the group Gents deliver dreamy electropop sounding like the euphoria of new lovers–or like the bitter memory after years have passed. The Danish synth duo's nocturnal sensuality and nostalgia take listeners on an intimate journey.

Also newly confirmed:

Cari Cari | Mia Morgan | Joel Baker | Teitur Magnússon | Fangclub | MAL ÉLEVÉ | MALONDA | Ecce Cello | Teresa Bergman | Josephin Bovién | Scotch & Water | Danai Nielsen

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