From Funk to Hamburger Schule

38 new confirmations for the line-up.

Within just one year Locosquad made their step from the streets of Berlin to the German top division of rap. Being inspired by the current trap sound from France their songs are action flicks turned into music wherein streets tales from West Berlin find themselves awoken to a poetic life of various languages.
Albrecht Schrader is a fine observer and likes to share his observations with a joyfully bored and ironic attitude. The music sways to a soft breeze of Hamburger Schule but also to Schlager poetics. And somewhere you know that Schrader might appear in a glitter costume on stage.
The Dutch quintet Navaron plays a kind of rock music which was popular in the 1970s. Over the last years they have earned themselves an impeccable reputation as a live band. Anyone who goes for the Black Crowes or Wolfmother and who likes the powerful sound from two guitars, bass and drums and a real shouter behind the micro, Navarone is the perfect choice.
It’s safe to say that Kuente I Tambu are at the moment the most vivid and explosive thing you can discover. The quintet’s music consists of Curaçao’s Afro-Caribbean sounds, euro-dance and all kinds of electronic samples. The basis for all this is the wild, roaring rhythm of the tambu-drums.
The band Moglebaum has focused on slightly weird combinations of computer beats, jazz elements and soul vocals. They call their music ‘organic electronica’. Or forest techno. Things that seems to be impossible to reconcile are unified in the music of Moglebaum. Borders are there to be destroyed – especially those between music genres.
Mattis refers to his own debut single “Loverboy”, which he wrote in a difficult time in his life, as “Viking Soul”. That’s not a bad expression because the former punk rocker possesses a truly soulful voice which will remind you a little of James Blake and Sampha.
Australia was known for its funky electro pop even before the Parcels hit the stage. Now Client Liaison is ready to conquer the world with its synthie funk. They have a remarkable talent for music that oscillates between Miami Vice and Queen – located somewhere in the 1980’s. Naturally, this also translates to fashion and hair styles. Client Liaison is a duo that is pure fun. Especially, because it doesn’t take itself that serious.

Here you can find all so far confirmed acts. Listen to our Deezer-Playlist here.

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